Queensland the place for small business to start, grow and employ

20% QLDThe Advancing Small Business Queensland Strategy 2016-2020 will create an environment for Queensland to be  the place for small business to start, grow and employ. This includes being a stronger advocate for small business, simplifying service delivery and connecting small business  to  opportunities.

We recognise that Queensland’s small businesses are key economic drivers and the engine room of our communities, especially in regional areas. A strong small business sector means more jobs for Queenslanders, widespread business success, stronger communities, sustainable regional growth and a  robust  Queensland  economy.

Small businesses are entrepreneurs and play a significant role in the economy through their innovation, courage and job-creation opportunities. In addition, many larger businesses rely on the diverse products and services offered by small business in order to operate effectively.

The business landscape is constantly changing, both at home and overseas. The rise of digital delivery, multiple digital communication platforms and e-commerce puts pressure on businesses to be flexible in their approach and to adapt their products and services to be competitive in an often crowded  market  place.

The Queensland Government recognises these challenges and provides a range of programs, information and tools. Visit our Business and Industry Portal to access this information and more. Here you will also find out how to take part in our small business programs and access government resources.