Our process

We need to get to know what makes your business tick, what software you use, the culture you have created, the people you employ, the way you perceive your brand in the market and how your processes are implemented.

Below are the three key stages of our process, which enables us to understand your business from the start, with the aim to provide you with the best service for your needs.

Imperium Corporate Services


Build a relationship with you and gain understanding of the services you provide to clients. We delve into the background of the business and understand where it came from and what the underlying culture involves.

Imperium Corporate Services


We focus on the 3 components that are essentially the backbone of any business – Financials, Human Resources and systems. The analysis can be separated into individual components or combined components and will detail your areas of strength and areas of improvement.

Imperium Corporate Services


ICS will collaborate with you on the areas of improvement and create consistency, compliance and culture within your business structure. Packages are available for continued outsourcing of functions, support, direction, training and future objectives.