LPE is an Australian energy supplier specialising in the strata community sector, providing the best low-cost energy solutions currently in the market. The core business revolves around embedded networks and their occupants and body corporates with a strategic addition to direct market supply arrangements.

LPE has quickly established themselves as the industry leader in electricity and utility supply and services to strata communities through delivering a simplified approach to the sale and supply of electricity and other essential services.

LPE not only retail electricity but are a specialist in the supply of other utility services such as:

  • Fully serviced centralised hot water plants or bill issuance for body corporate owned plants
  • Bill issuance of un-metered gas cook top supply
  • Bill issuance of centralised air-conditioning
  • Embedded Network Manager services (ENM)

If it needs to be billed within strata communities, LPE can be financially responsible for all bill issuance product types.

LPE’s head office is based in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, with a satellite office on the Gold Coast. LPE employ 30 staff including an insourced local call centre. We provide electricity retail services to over 200 strata communities and their embedded networks, representing over 15,000 small customers receiving traditional electricity services.