The Richards family have owned Mick’s Meat Barn since April 1989.

The majority of Mick’s meat is sourced direct from local farmers. The Richards family also have a small property just outside Kingaroy where (on a contract basis) cattle are tended to before being sent for processing.

We do this is to guarantee a better consistency of fresh product for our clients. Controlling this process allows us to deliver a consistently high quality product to the consumer.

Many of our staff have been with us for a long time. They’re part of the family. We ensure our team are trained in all aspects of the business and understand that the customer is our number one priority.

Our Customers

Our service approach is the cheery old-fashioned butcher who makes the effort to know our customers by name.

Over the years we have learned the types of cuts a customer prefers and we also offer to cut and de-bone meat for clients and we make a point to take on their feedback for new products.

We also like receiving their recipes and trying them out ourselves and passing them on to other clients.

Did you know Mick’s Meat Barn sells over one tonne of sausage meat every week?