Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital opened on 4 November 2013, offering a comprehensive range of inpatient and day services across a wide range of specialties.

Facilities include 6 state-of-the-art operating theatres, a cardiac catheter laboratory, a minor procedure room, a day surgery unit, an 8 bed intensive care unit and an 8 chair day oncology unit. Medical consulting suites are located onsite together with comprehensive pathology and radiology services. Other onsite facilities include a retail pharmacy and coffee shop.

Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital will be collocated with the future public hospital, Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital, on the Kawana Health Campus.

From December 2013 to mid 2018, the private hospital will also treat public patients under contract to the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, to assist in meeting demand whilst the collocated public hospital, Sunshine Coast University Hospital, is built and commissioned. This contract to provide services to public patients will commence on 2 December 2013.

Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital is owned and operated by Ramsay Health Care, Australia’s largest and most respected private hospital operator.